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From the Desk of the Founder

OtutR is an unbelievably personalized tutoring platform for everyone that loves to learn comfortably from anywhere at any time. We provide affordable and structured coaching courses for the UK, UAE, CBSE, ICSE, and other board examinations. OtutR works exclusively with the syllabus as we ensure that all topics are covered. We teach all grades and also an important subject that is inevitable for students.

OtutR is the best choice for students who want to get full marks in ICSE and CBSE exams or pass competitive exams. Here we attach importance to creating solid knowledge and a conceptual basis for student success. We strive to build a platform that will continue to provide help specifically to weaker areas of students and provide ample resources and support to all. Our tailor-made learning solutions are specially developed for students’ individual learning styles. One of our goals is to enable these customized learning solutions to focus on students’ abilities, thereby increasing their true potential.

Values at OtutR

Student - centred

We would even exist in the first place without students. Everything that we do is directed towards making students successful and also happy.


In order to make the student get the best, we are open to partnership with everyone with the same passion as ours. In addition, we work with brilliant minds to deliver world-class teaching to our students.


Our regular watchword is excellence, and we ensure it reflects in all our doings.


We are open, honest, fair, and we prioritize integrity.

Our Mission

  • We want to achieve the best results in all areas helping students have the best performance and success.
  • We will offer services to help students develop the skills needed for the best performance.
  • We want to help students achieve their goals and at the same time reach their potential
  • We will provide exceptional tutorial services so that all students from around the world can have access to learning at any time without leaving the comfort of their home.
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