Latin Tutor


M.A – Economics, India


B.A, India


B.A, India


English Expert, Dubai

Sonal KS1-KS2 Tutor

What We Offer at OtutR

Effective and Convenient

  • Choose the time of your choice to overcome the obstacles of a fixed schedule.
  • The price can be afforded by everyone


  • Study at home and avoid traveling
  • Close and easy parenting supervision


  • Knowledgeable and experienced Alumni from IISER

Classroom Courses

  • No recorded classes
  • Bilateral communications
  • Parental supervision and teacher guidance

Effective Learning Anytime

  • There are no restrictions.
  • Excellent and experienced teachers from all over India, especially from IISER.
  • Students can take classes from anywhere


  • OtutR – is established to serve as a breeding platform for successful students.

Teaching All Grades and Subjects

We offer online tutoring classes for all grades and teach students all essential subjects to their academic performance. Our primary aim is providing students with a comprehensive, rich, modern and efficient learning experience. Above all, our sole focus is on students. Our specialized tutorial services are tailored and designed to address the individual needs of the students according to their capabilities. We do this in order to help them achieve their true potential academically.

Excellent and Qualified Tutors

One of the most significant advantages of choosing our online tutorial platform is our team of knowledgeable and highly qualified tutors. Because we take the responsibility to help every child achieve sustainable academic growth, we select the best to do the tutoring. The tutors will guide the students while they ascend the ladder of academic excellence. Asides from teaching, the tutors also provide a regular assessment to monitor the student’s growth.

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